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Summer Hair Care Tips for Smooth and Glossy Hair

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Hair care during Hot, clammy summers is not as complex as we suppose. Season after season hair suffers the most. The burning heat can really do a number on our hair.  This makes it important for you to know dos and dons in summers. Some summer hair care tips can stop your hair from becoming dry and smashed. 

Here are a few hair prevention tips that will help you maintain a smooth and glossy hair through the end-of-summer:

Envelope for Hair

Ultraviolet rays can damage your hair. Head scarves are best alternative for protecting hair from UV rays and are easy to tie and look fashionable too. Hats and turbans are also excellent options. Avoid using anything tight on your scalp as this lead to sweating and also decrease blood circulation

Stay away from Anything that is Hot

Let your hair breathe naturally instead of using some heat-styling tools like straightening iron or curling iron. Don't style your hair all the time in the summers and try to keep it as natural as possible. Avoiding blow dries at all the times would help you to increase the life of your hair. High ponytail makes you look fresh even in the heat

Do the Drench

One of the best hair care tips for summer is to drink plenty of water, eat a healthy balanced diet that will help you to retain the moisture in your hair. To keep your hair healthy and soft, invest in a few deep conditioning treatments to reverse the damage. Hydrating conditioners will help keep your strands soft and shiny.

Avoid shampooing every day

The idea is to avoid shampoo, not avoid cleaning your hair. Do not shampoo your hair everyday, instead rinse and condition it. Shampoo cleans our hair, but it also strips strands of essential oils. This will help your hair maintain the right balance of oils to protect and nourish.

Anti-humidity hairspray sounds better investment

On hot, humid days, our hair tends to misbehave and frizz out of control. To reign in your mane on these moisture-filled days, simply spray your locks with an anti-humidity hairspray before going out. This will help keep frizz at bay.

Let Your Hair Chemical free

Shampoos, conditioners or any oils that contains formaldehyde or alcohol may cause damage to your hair and sometimes even make the hair dry and dead with split ends. If possible use some natural hair pack for conditioning and pampering of your hair.

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    This blog is very helpful especially for those women who are looking for the solution of their hair. The proper care. Thanks for the tips!


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    Thanks for the great ideas.. it really working

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